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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sex Toys in The City - Why Should Carrie Have all the Fun - 4

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For Miranda Hobbes

Miranda Hobbes is a feminist lawyer with strong views on men and relationships. She is a career-minded professional and has little time for anything else apart from her career. Miranda is unlikely to buy a sex toy but would probably be pleased if Carrie gifted her the Basic 6 inch Vibrating Dong for her birthday. This realistic vibe is 6 inches long and as like the real thing as possible. The no-fuss no-frills style of this vibe would suit Miranda’s personality and give her satisfaction every time she used it – unlike the men in her life.


Monday, July 19, 2010

Sex Toys in The City - Why Should Carrie Have all the Fun - 3

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For Charlotte York

Charlotte is classy dame, a WASP from an affluent background and deals in art for a living. She is conservative and traditional, but can be surprisingly quirky and uninhibited at times. She is a true romantic and is perennially searching for her soul mate. If her girlfriends ever manage to persuade her to try a sex toy, it would most likely to be a classic vibe such as the 4.5 inch Lady Finger - the discreet yet powerful vibe, specially designed to please a real lady.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sex Toys in The City - Why Should Carrie Have all the Fun - 2

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For Samantha Jones

Samantha, the oldest of the four friends, is a sexually adventurous ‘try-sexual’, ready and willing to try any exciting experience that comes her way. She has a good time with a number of interesting characters, including a lesbian, a gym trainer and a guy who asks her to get tested for AIDS before sleeping with her. Because she is willing to try almost anything once, Samantha is a great candidate for the Clone A Willy – the unique penis molding kit through which you can make a realistic model of any penis. Samantha would love to play around with the Clone-A-Willy along with her boyfriend James, whom she considers to be a little ‘under-endowed.’


Friday, July 9, 2010

Sex Toys in The City - Why Should Carrie Have all the Fun - 1

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After the phenomenal casting of ‘rabbit vibrator’ in HBO series, Sex and the City, we’ve tried to guess the kind of sex toy that the fabulous foursome would like and of course the charismatic Mr. Big too as a bonus.

With millions of fans worldwide, this iconic television series focuses on the loves, lives and relationships of four American women in their mid-thirties to early forties. It also addresses socially relevant topics such as promiscuity and safe sex, single parenthood and sexually transmitted diseases, among others. Carrie Bradshaw, Samantha Jones, Miranda Hobbes and Charlotte York are four professional women who live in New York City during the late 1990s – early 2000s. We see how changing expectations and roles for women affect these four friends. Sex toys and their use is one of the story lines in this series, so let’s try and guess which sex toys would suit the five major characters, including Carrie’s boyfriend Mr. Big.

Carrie Bradshaw - New and improved obsession

Carrie is a celebrity, newspaper columnist, freelance writer for Vogue and a highly label-conscious fashionista. Carrie usually tends to be ‘Carrie-d Away’ by her love for fashion and once chooses to buy Vogue rather than her dinner. She also has a shoe fetish for designer shoes and has a huge collection of Manolo Blahnik and Jimmy Choo shoes. She also prefers to wear expensive labels with vintage discoveries. Keeping all these things in mind, we would recommend Carrie to try the LELO range of super luxurious vibrators that have been specifically designed for people who love beautiful, high end sex toys with uber cool designs.


Monday, July 5, 2010

The New Found love for Strap Ons and Something for the Beginners

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You'd be surprised at the number of men who'd love to get penetrated like a woman. The idea of their partner playing the dominant one thrills many a macho man. The closest that any men can come to that is with anal sex, with or without a partner. If the idea thrills you, strap on sex toys are just perfect for you. Also many women are gradually opening up to the idea of penetrating their partner. So just put on a dildo and you can have the kind of sex you always fantasized about.

Reasons why men like strap-on sex
  • They can take a back seat and enjoy while their partners do all the hard work
  • Anal sex is very pleasurable and highly exciting
  • Strap-on sex brings variety in otherwise dull and boring sex lives of long married couples
  • Strap-ons allow for role reversal games
Reasons women like strap-on sex
  • After years of being dominated, women wouldn't want to miss the chance to dominate
  • Strap-on sex = Control = Pleasure
  • Makes sex more exciting and thrilling
  • Role reversal in the bedroom can yield results outside the bedroom too
How to use these sex toys – For first timers

Strap ons
are available in a number of online stores, and if you are using it for the first time you need to check the quality of the harness (the strap that holds the dildo steadily) as well as the quality of the dildo. First time sex with a strap on dildo can be extremely sensual if it is done gently. But as you and your partner get used to it, she'll want to pound her 'cock' into you just as you pound yours into hers. This is where a good quality harness is needed to withstand the rough sex. Another thing you need to remember is to take an enema before the first penetration. It will make things easier for both of you.


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bed Bindings Restraint – A review

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If you have a bed you can use this bondage kit. Pure and simple! If you are indulging in a bit of BDSM now and then, this kit is an absolute must have. This under-the-bed restraints system is for the dabblers as well as the pros.

Passion play on the bed

The Bed Bindings Restraint Kit helps turn the bedroom into a haven for bondage sex. It’s a kit that contains 2 velvet handcuffs, 4 nylon tethers, 2 velvet leg cuffs and a love mask. Complete submission is the purpose of these bed restraints. Domination is the name of the game and you see your deepest bondages fantasies being realized using this bondage sex toy.

Are they comfortable?

Let’s say bondage is a mixture of pain and sex, but the experience is successful if the bondage toys can be used comfortably. The major point in favour of these under-the-bed restraints is that you can slip them under all kinds of mattresses; doesn’t matter whether they are heavy or light. So, you can easily hide them from prying eyes, if you want your affinity for bondage to remain a secret. Also, all you need is a few minutes, and your partner is securely and comfortably fastened to the bed.

Is it thumbs up or thumbs down?

A bondage kit akin to the Bed Bindings Restraint kit addresses the special sexual needs of a person. So, if you are in the mood for a little BDSM, these under the bed restraints are definitely all that they are cracked to be. So, you can definitely choose these restraints. The only thumbs down could be the price, which some people might find prohibitive. Other than this, there is absolutely no reason why you should not use these bed restraints. Also, another point in its favour is the fact they are perfect, if you want to get started on bondage.


Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Leather Spanking Paddle – A review

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Spanking has been a part of sexual activity among all kinky people. People have stimulated themselves through Bondage and Discipline (BDSM) sex, since the time they started regarding sex as a fun and pleasurable activity. The Leather Spanking Paddle or the Leather Paddle helps you spank your partner to pure sexual ecstasy.

Perfect toy for domination

This spanking paddle from Triple X has been specifically designed for those bondage games that you love playing so much. It’s for people who love to be dominated or are eager to dominate their partners. It’s a toy that helps you unleash your wicked side, without scaring your partner. It’s a spanking paddle right out of erotic heaven or hell, whichever way you look at it.

BDSM design

The 16” of this top quality leather spanking paddle has just one goal in mind – intense sexual pleasure. The 2.5” of width and the all black color make it just the right addition to your bondage toys. Its classical design and smooth leather finish and the forked leather paddle make it an interesting choice when it comes to bondage sex toys.

Why this spanking paddle and no other?

There is a range of spanking paddles available on the market. So why go for this one? The answer lies in its handmade forked leather paddle that is geared to add a bit of extra sting to the proceedings. Also, as it passes through the air, the sound made by the paddle is sexual music to the ears. Available with a retaining strap and a stunning studded design, it’s the ideal erotic punisher that makes for endless fun.

Is there anything missing?

Well, if you are looking for durability and functionality, then this is definitely the kind of spanking paddle that you must go for. But, it’s important to note that the range of BDSM paddles is immense. The only feature that might put of off from buying this paddle can be the price. You definitely can get cheaper leather paddles but keep your eyes open for quality. Also, some people might not like the looks of this one. It is meant for people with simpler tastes in life.

Should you go for it?

The question is why won’t you go for it? It has everything that you can ask for from a bondage toy. It definitely gets my vote for a toy that’s geared for exciting BDSM games.